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Project: Restoration of Yosemite Slough

A Crissy Field for the South East & Bayview Hunters Point

[Photo: South Basin and surround area.]

Photograph of South Basin and mouth of Yosemite Slough today. View is facing south from Hunters Point Shipyard toward Candlestick Point State Recreation Area.

San Francisco is unique in our region for the way greenspace is integrated within the City. Unfortunately, from north to south – the Presidio to McClaren Park – the bulk of the open greenspace occurs outside the eastern shoreline of San Francisco.

This is particularly true of Bayview Hunters Point. The Bayview is San Francisco’s industrial neighborhood. Over the past sixty years, residents of this bayside neighborhood have seen their access to the water restricted, the local State Park downgraded to a recreational area, recreational lands captured for industrial use, and their neighborhood contaminated by toxic pollution.

During the military base closure process, both the Presidio Army Base and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard were closed, but their futures could not be more diametrically apart. The Presidio, located in San Francisco’s north west corner in one of the City’s wealthiest communities, is now a national park where over $20 million was spent rehabilitating its northern shoreline to create the world class Crissy Field Wetland. The Hunters Point Shipyard, located diagonally across from the Presidio on the City’s south eastern shore, is neighbored by San Francisco’s poorest community, the Afro American majority Bayview. The purpose of the Yosemite Slough Restoration Project is to restore the environment and build a little parity between these San Francisco communities through the creation of a world class shoreline park in Bayview Hunters Point.

Toward this end, the Yosemite Slough Restoration Project will:

  • Restore the environmental quality and ecology of the South Basin and Yosemite Slough Watershed
  • Address the environmental justice/race issues that lead to the current conditions prevailing in the South Basin and Yosemite Slough Watershed
  • Create an integrated South Basin Yosemite Slough park encompassing Candlestick State Recreation Area, South Basin, Yosemite Slough and the Southern Shoreline of Hunters Point Shipyard

The Yosemite Slough Restoration Project is a collaboration among several community groups, including Arc Ecology, Alliance for a Clean Water Front, Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates, Clean Water Fund, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Literacy for Environmental Justice, and the University of San Francisco. Arc Ecology is coordinates the project, which is funded by CALFED.

[Image of shoreline wetlands park area.]

Artist's image of future South Basin shoreline park area.

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